My name is François,

I live in Paris and I have been taking photographs for fifteen years now at different levels and using different media. Now I use film cameras not for being a hipster but just because it looks so nice and it let's you focus on composition, space and time. I try to be sincere in my pictures with fails and good surprises sometimes.

Landscapes, nature and people do inspire me. I just want to keep these instants in pictures, it seems important to me.

Passionate about geography all my photographs are untitled with the geographical coordinates from where they have been taken. Looking for these places in Google maps is a funny game.

I am a Normandy enthusiast, I do like the sea and I am always up for hiking in mountains. Through my activites I've been in many different places, I could not always take pictures as much as I want but I hope to fairly render these places' essences in this website.

If you are in Paris I am always keen to share a drink with anyone. Do contact me I'll answer as soon as I can.